Best Resident Evil Village Alternatives: Top 5 Games

  • Mia Taylor
  • Jan 16, 2023
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Best Resident Evil Village Alternatives: Top 5 Games
If you're looking for a gaming experience similar to the upcoming Resident Evil Village, we have just the list of games that may pique your interest. From horror-based action RPGs to survival games, these top five alternatives will provide hours of entertainment and keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Outlast 2

Outlast 2 logo

Outlast 2 is an intense horror game where players take on the role of Blake Langermann, an investigative journalist who has been sent to rural Arizona with his wife Lynn. As they investigate strange occurrences in Temple Gate, they soon find themselves running for their lives from a terrifying religious cult known as The Testament of New Ezekiel. Players must navigate through this nightmarish landscape using stealth and wit, all while avoiding detection from violent enemies who will stop at nothing to get what they want. With its heart-pounding soundtrack and gritty visuals, Outlast 2 delivers a frighteningly fun experience that will leave you dreading every step taken forward. 


Soma logo

SOMA is a sci-fi horror game set deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean in an underwater research facility called Pathos-II. Players take control of Simon Jarrett as he navigates through this abandoned complex while attempting to uncover what happened here long ago and how it ties into his own existence within this domain filled with monstrosities lurking around every corner seeking out their prey. With its captivating storyline and creepy atmosphere SOMA is sure to deliver unsettling depths full of surprises waiting around each turn, leaving you never quite knowing what awaits beyond the shadows ahead or deep below sea level!  

Dead Space 3 

Dead Space 3 logo

Dead Space 3 takes place on Tau Volantis after Isaac Clarke receives an urgent distress call which leads him back into outer space in search of answers about humanity’s extinction threat brought by an alien race called necromorphs – creatures formed from human corpses reanimated by alien technology. This time around, players are able to team up with another survivor Carver during their battle against necromorphs across expansive environments ranging from icy wastes, tundra deserts, and derelict spaceships full of dangers. Armed with powerful weaponry such as plasma cutters, flamethrowers pulse rifles, Dead Space 3 offers intense third-person shooter combat combined with survival elements to make fight survive even more thrilling!  

Alien Isolation

alien insolution logo

Alien Isolation puts players right into the classic 80's science fiction world when Ellen Ripley’s daughter Amanda sets off on a mission to figure out what happened mother fifteen years prior to the event's first movie, Aliens. Set aboard Sevastopol space station, Amanda must use her wits to survive against relentless xenomorphs stalking her every move creating a suspenseful atmosphere like no other game before it. She not only repels extraterrestrial threats but also confronts brutal crew members and lethal Working Joe androids, all of whom are intent on taking her life. With beautiful retro graphics and dark corridors filled danger, Alien Isolation offers a unique gaming experience not soon forgotten! 

Dying Light 

Dying Light logo

In Dying Light places gamers inside a zombie apocalypse where the player takes the role of Kyle Crane, search a vaccine to cure a mysterious virus plaguing city Harran turning people fast moving flesh-eating zombies. During the day scavenge supplies, craft weapons arm yourself face coming nightfall when hordes infected become most aggressive making harder ever stay alive ! Alongside parkour elements allowing climb buildings rooftops explore vast open world filled mystery exciting missions vibrant colors stunning effects Dying Light promises thrilling adventure nonstop zombie slaying fun.
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