Starfield’s Ingenious Way of Mapping Uncharted Space

  • Mia Taylor
  • Sep 10, 2023
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Starfield’s Ingenious Way of Mapping Uncharted Space

A hidden feature that aids players in navigating the galaxy in Starfield has been discovered, unknown to many. According to GamesRadar, a Starfield player took to the game's subreddit to disclose this secret feature - a star map that logs players' interstellar travels. 

The player discovered this aspect when attempting to visit every star at level 34. The map, when opened, displays a comprehensive chart of all the planets and associated star systems that can be reached via Grav Jump. 

At the commencement of your journey, the initial star systems are nearby and easy to reach. The map also contains distant red stars, nearby white stars, and some stars with a halo effect. The player unraveled the color-coding scheme that aids in tracking locations visited - white denotes unvisited systems within reach, red signifies inaccessible systems unless via an intermediate star, and a glowing halo indicates previously visited locations.

Despite playing Starfield for about 30 hours, I was unaware of this brilliant setup, making the game's universe feel even more expansive. This revelation also surprised several other Reddit users. 

Initially, it was assumed that the red stars, marked "level 55", signified high-level locations, posing a survival risk upon landing. However, these places are accessible; players simply must carefully plan their journey and remain cautious of potential threats.

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