Apex Legends Horizon Nerf Reverted in Patch 15.1: No Need to Panic Just Yet

  • Ethan Hall
  • Jan 17, 2023
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Apex Legends Horizon Nerf Reverted in Patch 15.1: No Need to Panic Just Yet

A recent Apex Legends patch saw a possible nerf to Horizon’s Gravity Lift, but Respawn Entertainment has since reverted the change, citing an inadvertent inclusion. The nerfing of Horizon has been a point of contention among the Apex community due to her popularity and efficiency at higher-ranked matches. However, Senior Producer Josh Medina implies that further tweaks may still be on their way – potentially post-ALGS Split 1 playoffs which are set for February 2nd - 5th this year. 

Horizon’s Gravity Lift tactical ability launches players into the air and is often used in conjunction with her Spacewalk passive, which increases her midair movement speed. This makes her one of the most dangerously mobile characters in the right hands – not least when combined with accuracy while shooting from the said lift, something even casual players use regardless of their skill level. But it seems that with patch 15.1 came an apparent decrease in this accuracy - something fans noticed straight away due to its implications for competitive play despite Respawn’s claims of an error instead of intentionality. 

However, some took it as cause for concern given Horizon’s strength at the present time and what could follow if she continued to be overpowered after such high focus from both professional and casual fans alike. Speculation quickly turned to whether or not similar measures would be taken against other legends like Wraith, who many perceive as too powerful without proper balancing measures being implemented beforehand. Nonetheless, a hotfix has been released to rectify this situation until further tests can be appropriately conducted before any permanent adjustments occur outside those already planned by developers prior to major tournaments such as ALGS or LAN events taking place later down the line adding more spices into each match than ever before! 

In summary, although a minor hiccup caused by patch 15.1 inadvertently decreased accuracy while shooting from Horizon's Gravity Lift, all eyes should look firmly forward toward upcoming events where different strategies will emerge amongst competitors, no doubt making every match worth watching! Until then, however, let us enjoy these moments we have left pre-season16 launch with our favorite Legends fully available and ready for battle!

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